FluidDesigner Assets

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FluidDesigner for 3D Printing
Blender + JewelCraft (Windows/Mac/Linux)

If you want to create personalised jewellery and other items in a range of styles then you can now do so with our FluidDesigner for 3D Printing software as explained in the video below.

The software includes all of the object libraries shown in the screen shot below.

The app can be downloaded from Dropbox after payment (please allow 48hrs for us to set this up for you).






ALL ASSETS: £49.95 (email: paul@fluiddesigner.co.uk)
SINGLE SET: £5.00 (email: paul@fluiddesigner.co.uk)

Email us stating what you wish to purchase and we will get back to you on how you can pay. Alternatively, you can call us on 020 8866 1419.